79 Southwalk SOLD

What a whirlwind it was for my dear client. The process of wanting to sell started years ago, and we began talking about a year ago as she was working on her home and getting it ready for sale. She was slowly tackling different projects, doing renovations to ensure that it was going to show its best.


Heather and I met “in real life” a couple of weeks ago and we began to formulate our short term game plan for getting the home on the market and sold. Heather was an amazing student listening to many things my stager suggested (also named Heather), and because of this her home showed top notch.

While on the market it was a whirlwind of showings, constant requests were coming in and it was absolutely a hot property in the neighbourhood. Going through showings is no fun at all, and Heather was a trooper as she was constantly kicked out of her home to accommodate the showings.

On offers date we had some big decisions to make. I always talk about the fact that price isn’t everything, and it couldn’t be more true in this situation. We had to decide between 4 offers, two of which were exceptional in different ways. One had no conditions and we would be able to hang the SOLD sign that night, another only had one condition and more money. The amount of money more was enough to make us decide it was worth the 3 days of waiting as their financing looked solid, so for 3 more days Heather was tortured with waiting to see what was going to happen.

I was thrilled to be able to call her at the very end of that third day to let her know that it was indeed SOLD and I would be over in an hour to hang up that sign with her!

Thank you Heather for being so amazing. I know how much work this was for you and how hard it was dealing with the stress and anxiety the past week has brought you. I appreciate you putting in so much effort and I am thrilled that you get to begin the next chapter of your life.