Congratulations Sam and Chris

Some journeys are short, and some take a little more time, and this is a story that took a little more time.

It was about 3 years ago when this couple came to me to get started with their home search. Sam and I had worked together in restaurants previously and I was thrilled to be able to help them find a home. We got busy looking that summer, one offer was written but other than that not much came of it.


They took a break with one of them going to school, and the two of them busy saving up as much as they could for a bigger down payment.

A few months ago we started chatting again and this awesome couple had saved up a larger downpayment and were ready to get going looking at more homes.

They looked at a few open houses, but overall we only looked at a couple together before finding one that they loved.

With an accepted offer we moved forward with the home inspection, and from there we were in a position to negotiate more off the sale price. I am so proud of Chris and Sam for staying firm in what they wanted, because it turned out so amazing for them. They were able to get a bit (ok ok, it was really a lot more) off the purchase price!

My favourite moment in this search was at the time we had an accepted offer. Sam was crying tears of happiness as we signed the final pieces of paperwork. It was this moment where 3 years of hard work had all come to an end and they were about to become homeowners.

There are so many ways in which I am proud of you guys. The determination and persistence that you have in never giving up on this dream, continuing to work hard, but also staying firm in what you wanted and not letting your emotions get in the way of that. Keep being awesome!