107 Mandan SOLD


I love this story for so many different reasons, starting with reconnecting with James and Danielle who grew up near me. I always love seeing how people are doing and catching up on life over the years.

We discussed what their plans were and they had to wait to see how things were going to unfold with their jobs before making a decision. It was quite a while later when they reached out again. Baby on the way, jobs all lined up perfectly, and their eye on another property they were ready to move.

I have to give huge props to Danielle. She tackled prepping the home for the market while being incredibly pregnant and handled it effortlessly. The whole family worked hard together to ensure that their awesome home would show top notch.

It didn’t take very long for us to get an offer and then we just had to wait for a few conditions to pass such as the sale of the buyers current home.

Sitting in my pyjamas at home on a Saturday night I text Danielle and James that the buyers home had sold, and I had just received condition removals! Their home was SOLD! I asked if I could pop out the next day to get signatures on a few things but Danielle informed me that she would probably be having a baby. I sat there and pondered what to do. Do I dare ask her if I can come over now to get signatures? Am I pushing my boundaries? How close to having this baby is she? There was one signature I needed to get, and I figured better now than after she is exhausted and just arriving home so I did, and of course she said yes. I got proper clothes back on and ran out to their place right away.

Danielle politely declined coming outside for a pic with the sold sign, but James did a great solo job of getting that SOLD sign on there!

Huge thank you to both of you for being amazing. I know emotions were high, nerves were there, but you both did a fabulous job. You are amazing clients and I truly appreciate your calm determination.