34 Blue Lake SOLD


Do you have those people in your life that you are so proud to know because they are so incredible? This story is not just that of a sale, but of some incredibly amazing people I am happy and proud to have in my life.

I read the email from Erin as I was walking through the gym shortly after 9am that she wanted me to help them out with the sale of their rental property. That email honestly made my day. I jumped on the phone immediately to start directing them to the steps they needed to take and arranged our meeting for that evening at the home.


In their usual bubbly selves we toured the home and put together our game plan. The tenants (who happened to be relatives) were so incredibly amazing and all 4 of them got to work immediately to have the home ready for photos, video, and showings within a couple of days.

I can’t emphasize enough how incredible the whole family was to work with. Everyone worked hard, helped out and remained so positive as we navigated through the process. There were absolutely some mysteries as to why we weren’t getting more showings, or offers on the home (which is partially due to our weird market right now) but even with all that every conversation was amazing.

Erin and Marc, working for you was the highest honour. Don’t tell any of my other clients but if there was ever someone I was giddy to have the privilege to represent, it was you.

The two of you have changed my life over the years that I have known you.

  • You have bullied me into eating kale, which is now a staple breakfast of mine.

  • You have educated me on numerous different vegetables and fruits, how they are grown, why they cost more for local, and why local food matters

  • You have educated me with all the amazing things that you are doing for the farmers, and our planet.

  • You have set an amazing example for what being an amazing human being is

  • You have helped to shape not only my outlook on things, but that of my kids as well, and that is huge. You have shaped children of our future.

I know our planet is in good hands with amazing people like you who are here to save it and I can’t wait to see all your success in your future.