Congratulations Melissa


Melissa and I have known each other for years and so I was honoured to help her with her home search. We only went out looking a couple of times until she decided that we had found the one that was right for her.

The easiest part was that search, and the hardest part was the paperwork that followed. Through the weeks that we navigated the process Melissa kept repeating “I’m sorry” every time she had to message me. Without a doubt she gets the award for the most apologetic client ever. While I am always happy to be there to help my clients, I definitely did appreciate the fact that she acknowledged and appreciated the work that went into the deal.


Today she told me “thank you for forcing me to look at this home”, I don’t remember forcing her to look at it, but if I indeed did, I am so happy that it ended up being “the one”. Thank you Melissa for being such a thoughtful and hard working client. You put equally as much effort into this as I did and I am so thankful for you. I hope you enjoy this home that is all YOURS!