Congratulations Jen


I am so incredibly proud of Jen and Ava on the purchase of their new home. Jen called me a couple months ago to talk about buying her first home. She had mentioned that she had met me at an open house, and it didn’t take me long to realize I knew exactly who she was. While she was in that open house both Jen and her mom had an epic conversation about a hot water tank with Rene.

I was so excited to set her up with the right professionals so that she could fulfil her dream. Soon after that we were able to start looking at places. We really didn’t look at that many, but it was enough to know what she did and didn’t want.

When we walked into this particular one I think we all felt great. It had lots of space to last the two of them for a long time, and it was in a great location.

We came across a few hiccups after realizing that it was a foreclosure. Foreclosures are different than other sales, especially when it comes to condos. With a condo foreclosure, you don’t get any past info, and you don’t get the condo docs and there is no cooling off period. Not having access to the condo documents is a big deal, as they are an essential part to the research of whether or not to proceed with the purchase. I was incredibly lucky that a realtor who had sold a unit in this building previously had all the documents still and he was willing to let me copy them for free (which saved us $750.00!!)

After a fabulous home inspection today, Jen and Ava are able to call this place home. In just a couple of months they will be able to unlock the door to their very own condo!

The two of you were so much fun to work with, and I loved having Ava along for the entire process. It is a very special moment for the two of you to learn and grow together.