110 Pembridge SOLD

From the first time that we met, things have always happened very fast. From meeting, to buying a new home, moving in, and then getting this one on the market it all happened in the span of a month. 

James and Marlene did an exceptional job of getting the house ready for the market so that we could get as much money as possible for it, and a quick sale. I was delighted when I got texts from them as they were informing of me of all the items they were completing, from landscaping, painting, and small repairs. 

James and Marlene -1-2.jpg

I knew that this listing was going to be busy, and busy it was! The showings started flooding in and poor James and Marlene got texts from me all day long informing them of another showing happening. It wasn't until later I discovered that I was waking them up at 5am often as they were on vacation and in a different time zone (sorry!!!) 

The first week we got an offer and were delighted! When we were waiting for conditions to pass one of the buyers went funny (as buyers sometimes do) and as much as we tried to hold onto the deal, the buyers backed out. We promptly got it back on the market and within a few days we had another offer. Conditions passed flawlessly with this offer and we were able to hang the SOLD sign last night. 

James and Marlene, you were an absolute delight. Your bubbly and happy personalities stayed there as we navigated through the ups and downs of the listing and I thank you for this. I am so happy that this journey is complete for you and now you can go and relax in your new life outside the city.