Christianne and Edward

Finding my sister and her husband a new home was no easy feat. With my sister having a very rustic style, and being a hair dresser (needing a salon in her home) it was difficult to find the perfect home for them. 

We saw one that was just her style and even had an out building that could be a salon, however once we started looking into the costs of pluming and sewer for that building it very quickly became out of budget to get the salon up and running. 

We looked at another one that in pictures looked amazing (and we all know how deceiving pictures can be) but what the pictures didn't tell you that on this average directly beside the house was someone who lacked in yard keeping skills and liked to hold onto extra stuff. There was a cluttered yard with grass two feet high that they would get to look out their living room window at every day... also making this house not the right one for them.

Then we came across this newer home (not at all their style) however, it was the perfect location and even had a walkout basement that could have the salon in it. There is enough space in the yard to possibly build a shop down the road, and all they need is to plant a few trees to get the privacy that they wanted. With a few touches they can bring in some of their rustic taste into this home to make it more their own.

The second part of this story is the sale of their home. In the small community where they live, word gets around when someone is wanting to move. They had a lady reach out to them a few months ago asking about their home, and showed interest in buying it. We allowed this person to take a look at the home after we had written an offer on the other home, and none of us fully expected a deal to actually come of it. But later that day her agent was asking me questions about the property and by 8:00 that evening I was presenting an offer to Christianne and Edward on their property. 

It was amazing how fast and perfectly it all fell into place to help them get into this amazing home! Congratulations to the 3 of you, you have purchased an amazing home that will last you a lifetime.