466 Banning Sold

Holly got referred to me by a friend of hers, and at our first meeting I spent time getting to know her and understanding her needs. Holly was moving to the other side of the country, and needed someone who could take care of the sale of the home while she was away. Within a few short days we had another meeting with all the decision makers (her mom came all the way from Vancouver to Winnipeg to get things ready) and we  got everything organized and ready to go.

banning .jpg

We knew that it was going to be busy with showings, and within a few days we had received our first offer. By the deadline of response to that offer we had received 2 more. The highest offer also came with some risks as there were conditions that needed to be satisfied for the purchase. We decided that the price was high enough to make us want to take the risk. Unfortunately that offer didn't work out, but within a few hours of finding out that it wasn't going to work I had found another offer that was going to make us work very very fast. We had a few hours to accept it, a few more hours for financing, and possession only 6 days away. 

With both sellers being on the other end of the country we only had 3 business days to courier documents back and forth and get everything signed and ready for the fastest possession date I have ever done. With a little hard work and effort from everyone involved it all worked out perfectly. 

Holly, you and your mom were amazing clients, and I truly appreciate all the hard work you did on your end to make this all happen. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey on the other side of the country.


P.S. Thanks to whoever took the picture of the sold sign for me!!