3 Pelham Sold!

A few months ago Lisa and I were at a meeting in our office and were both talking about selling our homes in the future. We also talked about the fact that we didn't want to be the listing agent on our own homes. It was at that time we decided that we would help each other out and list each others homes.

Listing another Realtor's home was a very different and amazing experience for me. The two of us worked together to get all the information uploaded, especially since I was out of town when the listing hit the market. 

Lisa and Todd were troopers dealing with all the showing requests that we had. On offers date we were faced with 3 offers, and a price that made us all very happy. Only catch was we had to wait for another home to sell in order for the sale of Lisa and Todd's house to finalize. The waiting game began and the showings continued.  A little over a week later we had another offer on the table and informed the original purchasers, at which point they had 48 hours to finalize their purchase or back out. Yesterday we got the notice they had to back out and Lisa and Todd were able to celebrate. The second offer went through, making their house officially SOLD!

Thank you Lisa and Todd for trusting me with the sale of your home, the two of you are a delight and I can't wait till I get to have Lisa list our home.