Congratulations Leah

Leah reached out to me two weeks ago to let me know she was ready to start looking for a home. I think the last time I had seen Leah was my high school graduation and so I was thrilled when she messaged me! 

Leah had everything organized and ready to go and within a couple of days we were out looking at our first set of homes. That day we looked at a wide variety of places including a home that was only 700 square feet and one with a beautiful yard and no basement. When Leah had sent me her selection of homes she wanted to look at that day, there was one that I tossed away right away. There was a quote for $15,000 worth of electrical work to be done on that house, so I decided it wasn't worth looking at. While we were out searching, the group decided that they still wanted to see that home because the pictures and location were amazing. I booked a showing and got us in that day. 

As soon as we walked in the door I think everyone fell in love with the house. We did some electrical testing of our own and decided that things probably weren't as bad as that quote lead on. The next day we did an inspection and found out that it was indeed much much better than we initially thought. After the inspection we were ready to write the offer.

On offers date we found out that we were up against 3 other offers, and so we put our best foot forward to help us achieve the winning bid. We found out that there was one offer with a higher price, but ours looked a lot better in terms of the conditions we didn't have. We were very thankful to find out that in the end they decided that they liked ours better and we managed to beat out an offer that was significantly higher than ours. 

It was awesome working with you and your family Leah, I can't wait to come by your new home to see all the awesome renovations you will be doing to it.