405 Westmount SOLD

Rod and Jessica's story begins a long time ago, but for now I will begin with the sale of their current home. Earlier in September they got an accepted offer on another property and began the process of listing and selling their home. It was a whirlwind of paperwork, meetings and lots of preparation, but this busy family did an incredible job of getting everything ready to go. When we walked in for photos and video on the Saturday before it hit the market the house was 100% ready to go.

These guys camped out for the week at another family members house while showings were happening, and they were incredibly thankful that they did. Before the house even hit the market showings were booked. We had a minimum of 5 showings a day for the entire week, and an incredibly busy open house with nearly 30 groups through. During the entire process Rod and Jessica did an amazing job of checking in on the house, making sure all the lights were on, and always maintaining excellent communication with me.

On the Sunday Rod and Jessica requested there to be no showings. To my surprise only one agent tried to view and everyone was able to enjoy a day of relaxation, which I will admit I much appreciated! (thank you for making me a part of your family rules)

On the Monday my phone started going off at 6:30am, and it didn't stop until late that night. Monday was the day we were accepting offers, and everyone wanted to know what was happening. In the end I was able to arrive at their house at 7:30pm with 8 offers in hand. We reviewed and found the clear winner and were elated with the offer we had chosen. Financing was due by 6pm on the Thursday and by then the deal would be done and their house would be sold!

Thursday afternoon I followed up with the buyers agent and discovered things weren't moving along as they should be and a financing extension was looming. We absolutely did not want to grant an extension as we had other documentation that had to be finalized by the following evening.  With this new knowledge of the financing falling apart I did the most logical thing possible, and called the only agent that didn't write an offer (lol) I knew that she could rally her clients and provide me with an offer that everyone would be happy with. At this time I broke the news to Rod and Jessica that things were not as they thought it may be, but that I was working on something amazing.

The new buyers we had lined up wanted to see the house one last time. Their agent met with them to draft up an offer quickly on her way to a Jets game and I met the buyers to take a look at the house one last time. Rod and Jessica rushed the kids out of the house and had some ice cream while bedtime was completely disrupted.

By 7:45 that night, all kids were in bed and I was able to sit down with them and present the new offer. They were prepared for the worst, but I was able to give them an offer even better than the one before! With a few signatures their house was officially sold and we were able to get that SOLD sign hung up!

You guys were an absolute delight to work with! You did such a fabulous job of getting the house ready, and although you doubted me, you soaked in everything I said and still believed in the process. Congratulations to you and your family!