Kathy and Quentin

This story began not long ago when my sister referred Kathy and Quentin to me. Kathy had been talking with my sister a bit about maybe moving and my sister suggested that we talk to see what options they may have.

When I first spoke with Kathy she made it very clear that this may not result in anything and they would only be moving if they found the absolute perfect place and got exactly what they were wanting for their current home. We met shortly after that conversation, went over some numbers, and I set them up on a house search. I don't think either of us expected anything to happen anytime in the near future.

It was a few weeks later when I was out with other clients that I realized that Kathy and Quentins home was perfect for them. I asked if I could show the home and Kathy and Quentin got the home show ready for me within just a couple days.

The couple I was showing the house to loved it, and it was indeed the house for them. We wrote an offer and I presented it to Kathy and Quentin and started working through all the logistics. Before they would accept the offer we had to find them a new home. We had less than a week to do this and the mad search began.

There was one property they had already looked at that was a viable option but they wanted to see what else their money could get them. We spent an afternoon driving around the countryside looking at acreages that might work for them. A couple days later one of my co workers took them out to see a few more properties and it was that day that they found "the one". We went out for a second look one more time before sitting down to write an offer.

In order to make everything work the timelines were very tight, but everything was very doable. We wrote an offer subject to the sale of their current property and once it was accepted I got to work on finalizing the offer on their property. This meant that I had to sell another home in the city which was a condition on the offer on their house. I had a couple weeks to get it sold and knew it was possible.

We had offers on the house in the city and Kathy and Quentin were anxiously awaiting the results. We had an accepted offer and had to wait for financing. With just over 24 hours till our deadlines I discovered that the financing had fallen through. I will never forget calling Kathy to tell her this, she went from her bubbly happy self, to a very concerned individual in under a second. I did my best to reassure her that it was going to be ok as I was working on another offer on the house already. Within a couple hours I was calling to let them know that I was able to remove all conditions and the sale of their house was final, meaning the purchase of their new home was also final.

This was an incredible unexpected roller coaster, and I loved every minute of it. This deal was by no means easy, but it was so much fun! You guys were so awesome to work with as I worked through all the logistics of making this happen, and I am so grateful that I had you to join me in this ride. I am so excited for you and the amazing home that you have found!