Jesse and I met just a few weeks ago to begin the house hunt. The first time we spoke on the phone he mentioned a house that had just come up for sale down the street from where he currently lived.  I told him I would look into it, and we set an appointment to meet that weekend.

The house that he had mentioned had an offers date the day after we had met, and I thought there was no way it would still be around when we went to look at homes. We set out and looked at two, one of them had potential. We tried to go looking a few days later and it just didn't work out with arranging showings, so we waited a few more days and organized 4 more to look at.

It was at this point that I saw that the house he had mentioned the first time we spoke was still on the market. Surprisingly it was not marked as a favorite in his list of homes, but we decided to look at it anyways. We saw the house and 3 others that were not quite the right match. Jesse was a little worried about price, but there was a very real moment when he realized that the monthly payments were such a small difference between the home that he loved and the house that he liked. This moment was the very moment where he realized that it was indeed the house for him.

I got the text from him before I even got home that he wanted to write an offer and so we met a little after 7:00pm to write up the offer. By 9:00 we had an answer from the listing agent, and by 10:00 we had signed the counter offer and the house was officially his!

We did an awesome inspection a few days later, and Jesse was then able to stand in front of the house with a SOLD sign!