Congratulations Elise


There are some stories that I just absolutely love, because some take so much determination and patience.

Elise and I met over a year ago where she mentioned to me that there was one particular condo she was interested in. Unfortunately that condo had just come off the market. I called up the listing agent immediately to see if they still wanted to sell, only to discover they had given up and there was now a tenant living there. I asked if they were willing to kick the tenant out, which unfortunately they were not.

Over the summer we looked at a few other condos, but nothing compared to this particular building.

Over the past year I was relentless in trying to uncover a unit in the building that Elise wanted to be in. I targeted social media ads at them, sent flyers, called every single owner, and followed up with the listing agent of that one unit constantly.

Finally, when I asked that listing agent if they were ready to sell….. they said YES! I don’t think either of us could believe it. I started jumping up and down in my office like a child. Within a couple of days we were standing inside the condo taking a look at it, and assessing if it was indeed exactly what Elise wanted.

After that showing we walked across the street for tea and wrote up the offer.

Elise, if there were awards I could give each client, you would get the award for patience. I am so thankful that you were so understanding, calm and patient through this whole journey. It was so worth the wait, and I am so excited for you to become a homeowner!!