Shirley and Gerry

I met this amazing couple just a few weeks after they had moved into their new home after a long journey from BC. It was nearly immediately after they moved in that they realized it was not the house for them and they needed to move.

It was a little over 6 months since we initially sat down to get the search started, and over those 6 months we looked at quite a number of homes to find one that was going to be perfect for them. No house was just quite right in terms of what this couple needed. As we got farther and father into the search they started to debate building so that they could have exactly what they wanted, but they were eager to start unpacking (as they were still living out of boxes) and didn't want to wait for a new home to be built.

We found this gem and they decided that it had what they were looking for and we wrote an offer! Within 2 weeks of writing an offer this house will be theirs and they will finally be able to move in and unpack and enjoy life in Winnipeg!!

Congratulations Shirley and Gerry, I have loved every minute of working with you.  All your stories are amazing and the love between the two of you is adorable.  I can't wait for the second half of our journey - selling the home your living in now!