Katrina and Phil

The first message I recieved from Katrina that they may be wanting to look for a home came an hour after Landen was born. I remember laying in bed in the Birth Center and hearing the *ding* of a message. I took a look and it was Katrina asking me how soon after baby would I be back to work. Little did she know that she would be the first message after he was born, and one of the first people to find out that Landen had finally arrived.

Over the next few months we talked, I was sending them listings in Winnipeg and they were getting prepared to make the big move back home. Once their Victoria house was sold they began the journey to Winnipeg and on Phil's first day in Winnipeg we were looking at a house already. It took us less than a month from the day they landed in Winnipeg to searching for and finding the right home for them.

There was a bit of frustration in the beginning with some of the houses that we were looking at as they were not suitable for their family. When we walked into this house I think we all got a bit excited, and then when we walked into the basement I knew that it was the perfect house for them. This house got them everything that they were looking for, and it fit perfectly into their budget.

You are now officially Winnipeggers again! Congratulations Katrina and Phil, you are going to love your new home! I am so excited to have you guys back in Winnipeg again.