Wesley and Kristy

This amazing couple was referred to me by one of my favorite mortgage brokers Melissa. We had our initial meeting, got everything organized and headed out to take a look at some properties.

Originally these guys wanted something that needed a bit of work, and had a very open mind to what their budget could get them. I showed up before them to the first house and wasn't impressed, but these guys were very optimistic and thought that with a bit of elbow grease it could work for them.

The second house we stumbled upon was this amazing home that was only 3 years old, EVERYTHING was brand new, and it checked off everything on their list. After seeing this place, nothing else could compare. We saw some other properties that were very slanty, needed to be completely gutted, had puddles in the basement, and laundry in the garage.

I don't think it took a lot of thinking to realize that the newer house was going to be perfect for them. We booked a second showing and confirmed that it was "the one." It didn't need any work like they were thinking they were going to get, but it was absolutely perfect. It had a fantastic layout, it was bright, open and had an amazing yard and garage. This was indeed the house for them.

We wrote an offer and had it accepted immediately! Following that we did an inspection where only a few minor things were found. The next hurdle was financing. Lenders don't like rural properties, and so it took 2 weeks to get the financing completed, but in the end it all worked out perfectly!

Congratulations you guys!! This house is amazing, you are absolutely going to love it!