It wasn't that long ago that my friend Bryanna was telling me to follow her awesome friend on Instagram for lots of vegan recipes and meal ideas. I began following @notkirstie and making some of the meals that she was posting as they looked delish. Soon after this I discovered that @notkirstie was thinking about buying a home and Bryanna thought that the two of us would be a perfect match. I was super excited to meet this person that I had been stalking on instagram and get to know more about her.

The first meeting with Kirstie was amazing, she brought in doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts and made my mouth water like crazy. The doughnut was a little piece of heaven and I hate to admit that that doughnut crosses my mind more than a couple times a week ever since that day.

After our initial sit down we got everything organized and ready to go with the house hunt. Kirstie knew exactly where she wanted to be living, and what price point she wanted to achieve in order to make sure all her financials were in order. The first couple of homes we looked at were complete duds. We came across a number of smelly houses, and houses that gave us all vertigo from being so uneven.

Then we came across Arnold Street. Kirstie fell in love with this house, and so we wrote an offer and got a pretty good price for the house, and that's when things started to go downhill. We did an inspection and discovered that things weren't as they said they were. We were told it was 100amp service but it was only 60amp (insurance companies don't like this) and we also discovered that over 75% of the knob and tube in the house was still active. This was going to be an expensive fix and so we asked the sellers to fix this if they wanted us to proceed with the purchase of the property. The sellers thought about it for a day and decided that they were not willing to pay for this fix. At about the same time that this happened we also found out that the lenders weren't keen on the stone foundations and were going to make financing a bit tricky for us. We decided that this was a hint that this wasn't the right house, and we needed to move on and find another home that was going to be a better fit.

Shortly after, I was looking through all Kirstie's listings and we set up another group of houses to see. There was this one house that Kirstie had marked "garbage" and I challenged her on it and decided that we should look at it, especially since we were going to be looking at another one just down the street. It turns out that this was the best decision ever as the home that was once in the garbage can ended up being the best house for her.

This super cute house has lots of upgrades, a beautiful concrete foundation, and a killer front and back yard. There are some easy little touches that Kirstie can do to the house to add value to it during her ownership.

I am so incredibly happy for you and stoked that we were able to find you such a perfect home. I had a blast working with you and I can't wait to come enjoy some wine with you in your new backyard!!