337 Central SOLD

It was a challenging journey on our way to calling this home SOLD where it seemed we came across nearly every road block possible. During the first week on the market the town started construction on the Main Street, which this home was located on. At first the construction started at the other end of town and we felt that it wouldn't disrupt us very much, however we were wrong.

For the first showing I received a call from the agent letting me know that none of the lights were working in the house. I made a few phone calls and discovered that due to the construction the hydro had been cut off to the entire town.  Coincidentally the next time the town decided to cut the hydro was during our second showing. I walked around the house using my phone as a flashlight. When we had finished the showing and were walking out the door the house lit up as the hydro got turned back on again, just our luck. 

The day before another showing, and in the middle of a rain filled week, the sump pump failed and a big clean up had to be done in the basement. 

Then the construction moved down the street closer to the house and for one of the showings they weren't even able to get to the house due to the road work happening right outside at that time. 

Then there was the rain. I was quite convinced after this house sold we wouldn't be seeing rain again all summer because the only time it rained was when we had a showing or an open house. It was as if I didn't have to check the weather any more, all I had to do was check and see if we had a showing.....and if there was a showing you could guarantee it was going to rain! 

The obstacles didn't stop after we received the offer though! Financing was due and they were not able to remove the condition as they were waiting on one more document from a cosigner who happened to be out of town and was not able to access the needed documents. We granted them an extension so that they could wait for the cosigner to get home and provide all necessary items. On the Friday an inspection was to be done, but once again the rain got in our way. The inspector was having to deal with a major issue caused by the huge rainstorm the night before and had to reschedule for the following day.

Finally on Saturday we received the amazing news that all conditions had been removed and the sale was final! 

You were such a pleasure to work with Phil! You put in an incredible amount of hard work to get the house ready for the market so that it would present itself in the best way possible. The house was always ready for showings, and you were exceptional at communicating with me throught the process. Thank you for being an amazing client!