500 Regent SOLD


Meeting with this awesome couple tonight to hang the sold sign was simply amazing. The past week getting to this point was confusing and tough to navigate, but through some awesome teamwork and lots of communication we got to cross the finish line!


I fell in love with this couple the first day that I met them. They both had the most infectious and bubbly personalities ever and I was so excited to get to work with them. From that point onwards I looked forward to each and every conversation I had with them, because I knew at the end I would be happier before I had talked to them.

Homie my mascot made his very first appearance ever at their open house, and we had so much fun. People honked, laughed and took pictures as he danced and interacted with people outside. It was the perfect place to make his debut.

A few weeks ago we got an offer on the home, it had some conditions and it wasn’t going to be over quickly. So we waited….. suddenly the buyer wanted to renegotiate and so we started some more back and forth, a sit down conversation with everyone together to understand the logistics of the new negotiations, and lots of discussions regarding the pros and cons of the proposal.

Just when we were about to make our decision, another offer came forward and the tables turned drastically. In the end we were all incredibly thrilled with the deal that we were able to negotiate and I am so happy that this family was able to get everything they wanted.

You guys were so much fun to work with, and I know that this relationship will not end here. I look forward to future professional endeavours together and I hope our paths cross many more times.