Now where could all of the other kids be? Running down the hallway, and into both bedrooms, open the closet FOUND 1!

Down the hall to the master bedroom, these laminate floors are awesome to run on! King sized master bed and of course I find another hiding under it! Oh and in the ensuite, kid 3 in the tub, and kid 4 behind the door, that was too easy! Quick, run, the other bathroom! Found kid 5 hiding in the tub!

Oh behind that massive living room window I see kid 6 hiding in the curtains... and I know where the others are...into the kitchen, past the island.. yup, the walk in pantry! Got em!

MEGA Open House

I am so excited to present to you the way that we do open houses at Nicole Hacault and Associates. We provide MASSIVE value to every buyer that walks through YOUR home.

This is how an open house should be done.

Agent Interviews

It’s always very important to interview the agent you will be working with. What is your Real Estate agent going to do for YOU?

Starting Your Home Search

Overwhelmed searching for a new home. Let a Realtor do the leg work for you!

The Best Deal

As a home buyer, will going straight to the listing agent get you the best deal?

Realtor Commission

How does paying commissions to Real Estate Agents really work? What expenses do agents have?

Possible Renovations

Are renovations to your home going to make you more money or will you lose money or just break even?

Home Inspections

Do you really need a home inspector? Will they be able to spot something you or a family member may miss?

Home Staging

What can you do to get your home ready for the market?