VIP Events 

I love my job and the people that I get to meet and help along the way. I believe in saying thank you to these people for trusting me with not only their own personal sale or purchase but also that of their friends and family. 

Throughout each year I host different events as a way to show my appreciation for allowing me to be a part of the biggest decision of their lives. 


Table for 1200

What an amazing time at the Table for 1200! All day rain was predicted and just before the outdoor event the skies opened and there was sunshine all around. We enjoyed a pop up dining event with 1200 other people. Amazing food was served, the beverages were flowing and we had a incredible time. 

This is such a unique and fun Winnipeg event. If you have never attended before, I highly suggest you do. 

Food Studio-1-12.jpg
Food Studio-1-26.jpg

Food Studio

I didn't know quite what to expect with this event, but I knew it would be amazing. It was so much fun to interact with everyone there and participate in the making of the delicious food! Such an amazing group of people where everyone worked together and helped each other out. 

After spending about an hour prepping the food, the chef went to work finishing it off and we got to enjoy a 7 course meal. It was phenomenal and will definitely be returning to this venue again! 


Paint Night - Brewery - Belly Dancing

Glenna from Gem Art Winnipeg put this event together, it was a combination of so many amazing things. We Enjoyed craft beer from a local micro brewery while watching a belly dancer and doing motion finger painting. This was far from the average paint night! A lot of people had no idea what to expect (and neither did I) and after the event so many admitted how much fun it was to finger paint and connect with that other side of themselves. 

NHRminisneak copy.jpg

Family Photo Day 

I personally probably have way too many family photos of our own family, and I believe everyone else should be able to enjoy the same. I treated 5 families to professional photos for them to enjoy for years to come.