Congratulations Krysta and Will

This story happened so fast there nearly isn’t anything to tell, yet at the same time the story of how it happened so fast is quite amazing in itself.

I met Krysta and Will months ago to get started on their home search, but it got put on pause for a bit as their summer schedules were quite busy and we knew there wasn’t going to be much time for house hunting.

On August long weekend I got a text that there was a home they were interested in seeing, I was out camping with the kiddos and so we arranged for Monday as soon as I got back. I had just enough time after arriving home to quickly unpack the car, get all the campfire smoke off my in a shower and run out to the showing. It was love at first sight for Krysta and their friends, but Will couldn’t be there.

From there I had to head about 30 min away to a home inspection for the next 3 hours, and it was during that inspection that I got the message from the listing agent that another offer was being written. We had some fast decisions to make and I told them I could be back at the house for 9pm so that Will could take a look, from there they had about half an hour to look and decide if they were writing an offer as well. By 10pm I was handing the written offer over to the listing agent for review and started heading home.

I hadn’t even hit the main highway yet when I got a call asking questions about our offer, and when you are in multiple offers questions are always a great thing. The next call I got I had just turned off the perimeter and it was the call that the house was theirs!

48 hours later we were doing a home inspection and had received notification that the financing was complete and just like that, they were homeowners!

You guys are a super fun couple, and you are going to love this home. I would have had a lot of fun looking at more homes with you, but I am so happy for you that this whirlwind happened and turned out so perfectly!