30 Handyside SOLD


When I got the call to list this home I was thrilled for so many reasons, but mainly because the seller of this home is simply amazing. Katie and I worked together in the restaurant industry and I cried the day I was not able to work with her as my GM. I have always loved and respected her so much, and so when I was called to list her home it meant so much to me.

I arrived at Katies home and was greeted with hugs after not seeing her for a couple of years. We got right down to business and within a matter of days of that initial meeting her home was on the market. Katie is patient, trusting, and simply amazing to have as a client. She trusted the process, trusted me, and what I appreciated more than anything else was that when she knew I was going to be away on the weekend she simply said “you need days off too” (for those that follow my insta stories, you know how difficult this has been for me)

This was such a fun deal to be a part of for so many reasons. Katie alone is fun and amazing, but thrown into the mix was her friends including the seller of the home she was buying. There was the possibility for lots of wine consumption, however I am a lightweight that always had other appointments after meeting with her… and so the wine consumption will have to wait till another day… which I believe is happening at 529 apparently???

Thank you for being amazing Katie, you really are a fabulous person and client and I am happy to be a part of this crazy awesome transaction.