Congratulations Hylin!


Hylin was referred to me by my mortgage broker who knew that we would be the perfect fit, and she was so incredibly right.

Our very first meeting Hylin told me all about her upcoming hike she was doing on the West coast, and I got to share with her my hike in the Sahara this upcoming November. It was obvious that we had a lot in common and would get along just fine.

The journey to finding the right home was a tough one for sure. The very first house that we saw was in a great location, but it was also slanted. It wasn’t long after that, and after looking a few more slanted ones that we found an adorable home that was straight and solid. Problem was that everyone else saw this as well, and we got beat out in a bidding war.

That first loss was a hard blow, but Hylin was off on her hike and had time to take a break from house hunting. After returning we got to work again, and it was problem after problem with the homes that we were seeing. There were slanted ones, dirty ones, and homes that just simply did not work. Standing in the backyard of a Fort Garry home there was a complete look of defeat. The market right now is tough, and it was taking its toll. The budget that was set was not the absolute max, but was rather a self imposed budget and so that day she got back in touch with the mortgage broker to review what the new budget could be.

It doesn’t take much to improve the quality and quantity of homes and when I was able to adjust the portal I knew Hylin would be thrilled. Heading out to look at these new homes gave so much new optimism. Right after this switch we found the next home. We did the pre inspection, wrote a killer offer and were the second runner up getting beat by only $5000.00. Defeated again we headed back out.

Friday we went out looking again, and this home was right in the middle of our blitz. First day on the market and no offers date we took a quick look around and it was awesome. We hardly made it into the front door of the next house when we both decided we needed to get an offer written up ASAP on that house. Under an hour later that we had an accepted offer and today we completed the deal!

Hylin, you are the sweetest and I am unbelievably happy for you. I know how much this home means to you and I can’t wait for you to be able to move in and enjoy it. Thank you for sticking it out through this journey, this was a hard one and your perseverance brought us to this amazing home. We will of course have to keep in touch so that I can learn all the awesome hiking tips from you as I continue my prep, and because you are so awesome.