Congratulations Dayna !!!


This bubbly individual came to me just a few weeks ago while interviewing a few other Realtors. To be honest it isn’t very often that buyers interview Realtors, it is more the sellers, but Dayna was incredibly organized and prepared with all the questions for me to decide if we were the right fit.

I quickly realized exactly how organized Dayna was once we got started on our search, and she will forever be named my most organized client. With every list of homes she wanted to see came a list of how long that home had been on the market and when the offers dates were, my workload got cut down drastically with these subtle little items added to the list of homes.

We went out for a couple of days looking at homes, and then we came across this one. It was the first of 5 that we saw and we both loved it. Solid basement and original kitchen that is just cute as can be with an awesome backyard. We went back that same evening to show it off to the parents, and then did a home inspection before offering.

I keep telling my clients that the market right now is funny, and you can have one home that sells way over list, and the next one will sit. We knew that this was a highly competitive price range in a great neighbourood, and I think we were both kinda prepared for the worst.

Then, on offers date I got the amazing phone call that we were the only ones! Dayna was stuck in meeting and for over an hour I had this amazing secret that I had to keep till she was out of her meetings and able to call me. Wanting to scream from the rooftops Dayna had to hold in her excitement at work that she was going to be a homeowner!

You are an amazing fun individual that deserves this awesome home. I am so incredibly happy for you and I can’t wait till I get to visit you in your new home!