Congratulations Aysia and Jaden!


Once upon a time, I worked with Aysia at Boston Pizza alongside her sister. I remember her sister being irritated with her and bugging her as the sister and I were both managers. Then a couple years ago Aysia reached out to me to start talking about buying a home. They weren’t quite ready, but wanted to start planning. Then just a few weeks ago they let me know they were ready to go.

We had a refresher meeting where they walked in with their 2 week old baby, and from there we hit the ground running. The first day out looking at homes was somewhat frustrating as 2 of the 3 we wanted to look at wouldn’t let us in that day. (sellers take note… don’t decline showings unless absolutely necessary). This left us with one awesome home to look at.

Backing onto green space with a triple car garage it was a great home, but they felt like they wanted to look at more first, not to mention it was a bit over priced. But after a bit of talking with friends and family they decided to write an offer.

From there we began the negotiations of getting the home down to where it should have been priced at, and we did quite well. Aysia was on her own for the home inspection as Jaden works up North a few weeks at a time, and she handled it like the pro that she is. From afar Jaden had to email documents back and forth with us while not being able to be here with us to finalize the deal.

Today the whole family was back together just in time to meet up with the lawyers to sign all the documents and take an awesome SOLD picture! By the time Jaden gets back from his next stretch at work these guys will be moving into their new home!

It was fast and awesome and in no time you will be all settled in and ready to go. Congratulations to your whole family!