Congratulations Vern and Marj


This awesome family and I had a somewhat funny start as they first reached out to me the day before I was leaving to Banff. Eager to get started on their search I got their portal set up and ready to go and shortly after they were asking to see properties. With Dana watching things for me while I was away they set out to start finding their home.

While away one offer was written but didn’t work out. Shortly after I returned we wrote another but unfortunately there were multiple offers and we weren’t the lucky winners. Then while out doing a blitz of a bunch of homes we found this one. An awesome bungalow in a great neighbourhood, and I think I knew instantly that it was the one for them.

After seeing our fair share of slanted homes, and sketchy basements this one was solid and awesome with bedrooms and closets everyone could be happy with. One of the best parts was that there was no bidding wars, and so we were able to negotiate it and get it at a price everyone was happy with.

Your family is amazing and fun to be around and you are going to love living in this home. Congratulations, I can’t wait to visit you when you are all moved in.