30098 Park SOLD


What an incredible journey it has been, and the story of this home selling is only half of that full story.

The sellers and I met in December 2018 where they were putting in an offer on another property that I had listed. We formulated our plan and got their home on the market. We knew full well it wasn’t going to be easy, it was going to take about 60-90 days to sell based on the average in the area, and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to find the right buyer for their home. The hardest part was the tight deadline that we had. We needed to sell their home by the end of April in order for the purchase on their new home to go through, and we weren’t able to meet that deadline.

When we weren’t able to get an extension on the home they wanted to buy, we carried forward. Since the home was show ready they wanted to proceed with selling and would figure out where they were moving to after it sold. I have to admire them for this, not knowing where you are moving to is difficult, especially when you are looking for something a little more unique.

We had one buyer offer and then got cold feet right in the middle of negotiations and back out. Then we had a showing on the last day of the listing contract, the next day they had written up an offer. It took nearly 24 hours to get it all sorted out and agree on a price as the offer was significantly lower than what it was listed for, but we never gave up and were able to make it all work.

The second part to this story is even more interesting, but you will have to wait for that one, for now we celebrate the sale of this beautiful home.

This journey was HARD, and the two of you did amazing. Constantly leaving work to let the dogs out for the abundance of showings and ensuring the home showed perfectly every time. You stuck with it and kept working hard, and it was so worth it. You are amazing clients and I truly appreciate all that you put into this sale, mentally, physically, and emotionally.