Congratulations Darren and Alexis!


If there was one call I wish I would have recorded it is the one where I got to tell them their offer was accepted. I did a group call and Darren answered, I asked if Alexis could hear me too and he said she was down the hall and walking to her. On speaker phone I congratulated them that our offer was accepted as written. The joyful squeal that came from Alexis was pure gold. No doubt they were excited.

Alexis was one of my hosts back in the day at BP. We stayed in touch a bit over the years (its been about 8 years since I have worked there) and a few months ago she started asking questions about mortgages. I first got to meet Darren when we met late one evening to go over the buying process and to go look at a home they were interested in the next day.

Sadly we didn’t end up getting that home as there were multiple offers on it, so we kept on looking. We did’t look at very many before coming across this one. It was perfectly updated and turn key, which was just perfect for them.

We were going to meet Sunday evening to write up an offer that would be reviewed Monday evening, but when they told me they didn’t want to go over list price, I suggested maybe we shouldn’t meet. Neighbouring homes had gone into multiple offers and were selling up to 20k over list, and we all decided that this would probably be the same fate with this one.

I followed up with the listing agent around 5:00 Monday to discover that no one else was writing an offer. An hour and a half later I was sitting down with Darren and Alexis writing up an offer UNDER list price! We got it dropped off and two hours later got the call that our offer had been accepted.! It was such a crazy turn of events, going from thinking it would potentially go 20k over list, to getting an offer accepted that was under list price.

Everything has lined up so perfectly for you from finding this amazing home and I am so crazy excited for you. The whole family is going to love it and you are going to enjoy many many years in this amazing home!