Congratulations Bryanna


I don’t even know where to start with this story. Is it the fact that Bryanna is one of my best friends? The fact that she was the first person to give us an overnight stay away from the kids? Is it the fact that she loves our kids like crazy and comes camping with us? That I know she will always be there for me? Or that I was crazy emotional while going through this journey with her.

It is so much fun to be able to help someone that means so much to you, especially when it is their first home that they have worked so hard to save up for. I have so much respect for the fact that Bryanna is so young and is owning her very own home, her priorities are all in order and she has made some very smart decisions.

Very early on in the search we found a fantastic home for her. It was updated, in a nice area. We got it pre inspected and were ready for a bidding war, only we kinda got screwed over with one other offer that came in and a listing agent that was playing favourites. We were gutted, but I think I may have been more so. I felt like I had let her down, I had ruined it for her, and that I hadn’t done my job properly.

We kept looking and were coming across homes that needed a fair amount of work. Her Dad was ready to help her out and put in the labour, but for Bryanna’s standards all work needed to be done before moving in. This made it hard simply because of cash flow. There weren’t projects that could be done over time as money was saved up, but rather tens of thousands of dollars of work that needed to be done upfront.

Then this house came along. Completely updated, on a large lot, minutes from work. Someone had put a lot of work and love into it renovating and updating the home. It had a tub Bryanna would get into and a full basement that didn’t feel like a dungeon… and it was absolutely perfect for Bryanna.

We got to work with our pre inspection again, wrote the offer and waited to see what would happen. As I was in the middle of a hike we found out there was a second offer. We made necessary adjustments, and for the next 1.5 hours of my hike I kept starting at my phone every few minutes ensuring I still had cell reception. Just as I got back to the car we started answering questions about our offer and I knew that we had it. Moments before I lost cell reception I got the call that we did, and although Bryanna was only able to understand half of what I said, she knew that she was now a homeowner.

Today was the financing was due, and I paced around the house nervous as can be. I never do that. I am always the calm one, the one that explains to clients that we still have lots of time, that everything will be fine, and all of it is totally normal. But here I was again, glancing at my phone every few minutes wondering why on earth the mortgage broker hadn’t gotten back to me yet. Were we going to meet the fast deadline, were we going to need an extension, was it all going to be ok.

I jumped for joy when I got the text that financing had been approved, and 45 minutes later we were in front of the house taking this picture.

Bryanna, you are amazing. I am crazy proud of you and admire the determination you have had on your journey to being able to buy yourself this home. Your future is going to be simply amazing, and I can’t wait to share in all your joys in the coming years.