Congratulations Cima and Angie

I am so crazy happy for this family and the awesome home they have found. For these guys it was all about location and wanting to be within a nice short walk to their sons school. This immediately eliminated many in the neighbourhood, but still left us with some awesome homes to consider.

This journey started many months ago with us meeting to go over the home buying process, but they didn’t start actively looking at homes until the last month. With an offer in on one home that didn’t get accepted due to a bidding war, we came across this one just a few short weeks later, and I think we can all agree it is a much better home.

I was in the middle of a 16km walk prepping for my big trek in the fall when I got the text from Cima that they wanted to see this home immediately. It had just had a huge price drop and we knew what the neighbourhood was up to, so getting in right away was essential. While walking I switched around a few appointments so that I could meet them there first thing in the morning. Shortly after the showing we had the offer written and accepted by later that evening.

The home inspection was amazing! I played ball with their son, had fun with endless snapchat filters, and learned a lot once kiddo went home to enjoy the Raptors game. We knew that there was a small fire in the laundry room of this home a few years ago, and the beauty of this small fire is that it caused smoke damage throughout the home which meant they were essentially getting a brand new home. Everything had been upgraded and brought up to current code, and they were going to benefit from this for years and years to come. I love watching people learn about their future home during an inspection, and this was no different.

Meeting the family to take a picture with the SOLD sign was the perfect beginning to a wonderful weekend.

I hope that you have enjoyed this process as much as I did and are equally as excited for your new home. You are incredibly diligent and are going to be excellent home owners. Congratulations and all the best!