65 Bonneteau SOLD


I think that this journey began a few years ago, when the three of us first sat down to talk about what selling a home would look like and they began prepping for the next home they were wanting to buy. While they got everything organized and ready to go we kept in contact so that we would be organized and could hit the market fast as soon as they said GO!

Shaina and I knew each other from a previous company I owned where we worked side by side, and so it was awesome to be able to connect together and work together on a different level. I always knew she was amazing, but they were both equally as amazing as clients. Shaina and Darryl got to work with all the recommendations from the stager, and kept the home in perfect show ready condition all the time. Maintaining a perfect home is difficult, especially with a toddler, and they did a simply amazing job.

When their home hit the market we were the only one in the area, and slowly we watched more and more come up for sale. We had a decent amount of showings coming in, but still got a little nervous as we watched all the others pop up. Then we had that one showing that we needed where the right buyer came through and we had an amazing offer to review. Late on a weekend evening while they were at a party I got to call them and share the good news. After waiting patiently for a few conditions to be satisfied, we were able to meet and hang the SOLD sign!

Thank you Shaina and Darryl, you are amazing fun people and spectacular clients. You were so unbelievably diligent in ensuring the home showed perfectly and your hard work is no doubt one of the reasons we were able to hang that SOLD sign. Thank you for being amazing, and all the best to you as you move on to your next chapter.