Congratulations Kerry and Jeff


If you had asked me 6 months ago if this photo was ever going to happen, I may have laughed. This here is the story of ultimate perseverance and the reason to never give up.

Kerry and Jeff came to my open house for this amazing home mid December. Mrs. Clause was telling stories around the fire, we were all having loads of fun, and they fell in love. Before the end of the open house they had come back a second time to take another look and a few days later we were back for another showing.

From there it was a very uphill battle. Negotiations were hard, very hard. During the winter there were 2 offers written (maybe even 3) as we worked through the intricacies of the deal. The biggest condition they had was the sale of their home (that story was written last week). We had until the end of April to get their home sold, and unfortunately we weren’t able to meet the deadline and the seller also wasn’t going to grant us an extension.

Kerry and Jeff now had their home on the market and had no idea where they were going to be moving to. We then started the difficult task of finding them another dream home only to face more obstacles along the way. We simply just needed their home to sell!

On the same day that our listing contract expired we had a showing, and the next day the offer on their home. A couple days later while we were still waiting for all conditions to be satisfied I got a text from the seller of their dream home asking if they were still interested in it, as if she somehow knew that all the stars were lining up.

From here something happened that I never expected to happen. You see, during negotiations, and the whole deal in general you could possibly say that the buyers and sellers did not like each other one bit. There were tears, sleepless nights and lots of confused anger. Kerry and Jeff asked to see the house one last time before they re wrote an offer, and in seeing the home that last time we all ended up on the same deck drinking wine around a fire on a Monday evening. It was the most unexpected and wonderful thing to ever happen. It was in that moment that it was realized it was just simply a transaction with wonderful people at both ends working towards their goals. And then here we were over the past weekend walking around the house, talking with the seller at their garage sale, and looking forward to an upcoming possession date not too far in the future.

Kerry and Jeff, this deal was HARD! It will go down in history as one of the most difficult and amazing stories. I thank you for sticking with it, for making your way through all the crazy emotions, and for not hating me along this journey. This is a one of a kind amazing home that you have, and I can’t wait for you to invite your friends over and show it off.