Congratulations Tyler & Taylor


Before I even got to meet these two, they were incredibly excited to buy a home. Taylor was ready to buy every single house they saw but we had to take it back a few steps and get the pre approval in place first. Hitting that pause button while we did the pre approval was hard on Taylor, homes were hitting the market every single day and he wanted to buy all of them. After about a week we had the paperwork to say that they were good to go and we now knew the exact price range.

Tyler and Taylor are the perfect brothers, one calm and reserved the other energetic and passionate. While Taylor would buy every house we saw (well not quite everything, we did see some horrible ones) Tyler would stand back, provide criticism and help keep their ideals in line.

We only went out looking a couple of times. The market is incredibly funny right now with some homes going over list price, and others that are a direct comparable not selling. While one we loved went over their budget, another didn’t sell on offers date and so we went back for another look. They were now presented with the opportunity to buy a home that was under budget, in their ideal location, and everything they were looking for. Knowing that it would go fast, we left that showing and went straight to a nearby coffee shop to write the offer. By that evening I was meeting them at Tylers work to get signatures on the accepted offer!

After a few more days we had the home inspection done - which is another huge benefit of not competing against other offers - and I had forced them to take a photo in front of the home.

Congratulations you two. This is a great home in a great area and you are going to love living here! Remember your priorities and get that furnace changed, you are adulting now! ;)