Congratulations Mr. L


Mr. L doesn’t mess around at all! We started talking a few months ago while he was preparing for his move to Winnipeg from the UK and as soon as he arrived here in Winnipeg it was full steam ahead.

We met to go over the buying process here which is when I discovered this is his very first home purchase which was so incredibly exciting for me! We set up the search and drove around through certain areas so he could get a feel for what it was like.

It was only a couple of days later when he text me asking to see a house close to where he was renting. And that was it, love at first sight. It had everything he wanted. The location was close to work, it was updated, clean, on a nice lot with a garage, and well under budget.

From there it was the usual, did a pre offer inspection, wrote an awesome offer to compete against multiple offers, won it and proceeded with the satisfying the only condition….. financing!

I should note that after the inspection I had a first….I had a client drive my car! I am almost NEVER the passenger but Mr.L was heading out the next day to buy a car (I told you he didn’t mess around) and wanted to get a feel for a car over here, mostly the fact that it was an automatic. He drove a whole 3 blocks from the house we offered on to the house he was renting, and did a fabulous job.

The financing was a little stressful as we didn’t know if we were going to need an appraisal which would mean an extension, and the sellers just didn’t want to give us one. In the end it all worked out, 3 hours before condition removal was due.

Thank you Mr.L for being so awesome. Coming here and having no idea about our housing market and purchasing so fast is no small feat. You were calm, positive and a delight to work with.