47 Robertson - SOLD

After a referral from a friend of mine I was sent a message from this amazing couple that they were wanting help selling their home. They had already moved out of the province and were unsuccessful in selling their home before they moved.


I went over to view their home and then we hopped online for a video chat to discuss things further. The one thing that stood out the most was that they had never received feedback as to why no one had written an offer on the home, and I was about to give them the truthful opinion of why it hadn’t sold.

There were 3 things that needed to be addressed, and so we set to work on adjusting the presentation of the home, the price, and identifying the obstacles that we had to overcome. The painters got in there to give it a fresh coat of creamy white paint, while we got to work prepping the listing and getting photos and videos done.

As soon as the home hit the market the showings started flooding in, which told us we had nailed it on price and presentation, now we just had to find the right buyer. Showings were consistently coming in and we hosted two very successful open houses during the listing and then I got the call one evening that we had an offer coming in! We were thrilled.

The next day I worked hard as I knew there were two other Realtors who were doing second showings and managed to bring in a second offer for us to review. By the end of the day one offer had pulled out and we were able to accept the other offer.


What I love most about this story was that we were able to identify the obstacles and tackle them. All it took to sell this home was a good dose of the truth. Once the sellers knew what the obstacle was they were able to tackle it, where before they just didn’t know why their lovely home hadn’t sold. When sellers and their Realtor work together, everything falls into place perfectly and I am so thankful these guys were willing to work with me.

Although we never met in person, today I was able to meet their house sitter and hang the sold sign. I am thankful for all the work everyone put in, and to my sellers for being so amazing. The constant communication, feedback ,and positivity we had throughout the journey was awesome and I am so incredibly happy for my sellers. Now that this chapter is officially done they get to work towards their next goal of home ownership in their new province.