Congratulations Nina


Working with Nina and her Mom was an absolute blast! The two of them argued like an old married couple…. or like mother and daughter, and it was honestly hilarious. I had so much fun getting in on the action and ganging up on her mom. I’ll never forget the first time that I handed her mom a dose of her own medicine, the look she shot me, utter shock and hilarity.

The house that Nina ended up choosing was ironically one of the first that we saw. She wasn’t quite sure about it and so we continued looking around. As time progressed this home started looking better and better, however it was no longer on the market. Thankfully the sellers still wanted to sell, and allowed us back for another showing.

From there we began the intricate process of the offer. We were sure to put in lots of extra conditions to keep Nina protected, and because the home wasn’t on the market, we were able to keep every single condition. Over the next couple of weeks we had a New Years Eve home inspection, and were able to satisfy every condition.

In only a couple of days Nina gets to call this place home and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It is an amazing feeling to own your own home and I think you are going to be incredibly happy here. Congratulations on completing this journey, thank you for your patience, and all your laughter. We are now parting ways in our Real Estate relationship, but you will never completely get rid of me.