Congratulations Tyler


Recently I worked with Tyler's brother help him find a home, and so I was thrilled when Tyler reached out to me to find his first home as well. 

His mom loves looking at homes, and his dad knows a lot about them, and so we all set out together to find the right home for Tyler. I lost count, but Tyler thinks that we looked at about 26 homes along our journey. The market is fast paced for the buyers right now, especially in the areas he was looking in so there wasn't a lot of time to think about things. It took us a while to offer on our first house, only to be outbid by a couple thousand dollars, and an unconditional offer.  (for the record, unconditional offers are very unwise, we could have easily won it if we were willing to play an incredibly risky game) 

Slightly defeated we headed out again, and then all in one day we had a couple of great options, both with offers on the same date. We sat down and prepared 2 offers in one night. We submitted the first knowing that we were in multiple offers again, I knew we were super close to possibly being able to get this one, but sadly we were outbid again. Immediately after we lost the first one I submitted the second offer that we wrote on another property as by some stroke of incredibly good luck they didn't have any offers on offers date. 

After loosing out twice we were able to negotiate a little off list price and get back in there for a home inspection. Today we had an incredible home inspection that only turned up a few minor home maintenance things that needed to be done. 


Tyler, thank you for keeping the positive attitude and continuing on with the search. 26 homes is a lot to look at and I am happy that you get to return to work knowing that you have a home that will soon be yours. Think of all that time you are going to save in your daily commute.... oh the things you will be able to do now!