Congratulations Bailey and Ryan


I was fortunate to of worked with Bailey before my Real Estate career when we were both at Boston Pizza City Place.  She messaged me one day that they had been searching for a home for a while and were wanting some more help. 

I met Bailey over at their apartment one day and we got ourselves organized with a search. We ran some numbers and knew that there was only a small number of homes that hit the market each year in the neighbourhood they were wanting to live in. We knew that each home we viewed could be the last one for a while, and that the search may very well take a long time. 

From there Bailey and I went out and looked at a couple of homes. I had no idea what they had seen previously so I was trying to gauge how these ones compared to the others. They were heartbroken over a home that they had just missed out on prior to us working together, so we were always comparing to this one. 


We offered on one house, only to get outbid. There were a lot of other people who were also looking in this neighbourhood,  and so we prepared ourselves for fierce competition. Then this one came along. We booked the showing and I think we all fell in love. It was renovated beautifully, and properly. It was very clear that they had put a lot of work into this home. It was at the top of their budget, and so we didn't really get our hopes up too much. We decided to wait until offers date and see what was going to happen. I checked in with the agent around 11:30am and so far there were no offers. I checked in again a couple hours later and there were still no offers. It was at this time that we decided we were going to write. Through the miracle of technology we were able to scan and email all the documents back and forth and get it written and submitted, and we were STILL the only offer. We offered a significant amount under list price, and the counter offer we received back shocked us all (in a very good way) and we immediately said YES! 


Today we had the home inspection (which was really more of a party) with all their friends who worked in various trades. The sellers agent came over and visited with us, hugged them and congratulated them and welcomed them to the neighbourhood. He introduced them to community groups and there were so many smiles on everyones faces. I honestly don't know if you could get the smile off of Ryans face no matter how yard you tried (even bashing his head on the basement door didn't kill the smile) While we stood outside taking pictures with the sold sign people driving by yelled CONGRATULATIONS! The neighbours came over to meet them, and as I was packing up my car another neighbour came over to me happy to see that such an awesome family was moving in.

I will fully admit that I didn't know a lot about West Broadway before this, but after wandering around the area with Bailey and Ryan it is a new favourite area of mine. There is such a strong sense of community and the walkability is amazing! You guys have found a fabulous home in a great neighbourhood and I couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations!