Congratulations Tamara


The email I received from Tamara regarding her home search put the biggest smile on my face. I was the one who hired her at her first job, and she wanted me to help her get her first house. I honestly think I still remember the interview with Tamara, it was probably a little over 10 years ago now that she had walked into Boston Pizza with her application. We worked there for about 3 years together and had so much fun over that time. I was thrilled to be able to help her with her home search. 

Her parents came along for the ride, and we had so much fun together. Their constant bantering back and forth which included making fun of each other, mocking each other, and being down right mean, was hilarious and fun to be a part of. 

When Tamara entered the market there was a bit of a influx of buyers and things were very competitive. We had offered on two houses previous to this one and even though we went significantly (by significant I'm talking 20k) over list price, we were still loosing. I have always bragged about how I am able to get winning offer on homes so long as my clients listen to my advice when it comes to purchase price. But in this case we were doing everything we could and were still loosing. 


Tamara took a break and went to Europe and enjoyed a nice vacation, when she came back she was rested and focused and ready to keep looking. I got a text while I was working at another open house that they had seen this one, loved it, and there was no offers date! This meant that she could offer anytime.  I immediately booked another showing and after I finished up what I was doing headed straight over there to look again with her. 

We wrote an offer and Tamara got to experience the joys of writing an offer under list price and actually being able to negotiate. We were even able to write in an inspection as a condition. Within 24 hours of the accepted offer we had financing done, and were on our way to the home inspection. We all learnt a lot, and she was thrilled with the results.

It may seem like. a long ways a way, but possession is just around the corner. I can't wait to visit you and see all that you have done to the place! I am so happy for you Tamara, and so thankful that you chose me to be a part of this journey. Another first in your life that I was able to be a part of, that ended perfectly with your first BDI of the season.