973 Strathcona SOLD

We were so incredibly excited today to hang up the sold sign as this amazing home. The story of this sale has been a long time in the making, and began long before I came along. 


I got an email from Dawn one day letting me know they were wanting me to come look at their home as they were trying to sell it. I looked it up only to discover I had recently be in their home showing it to another client. I asked them questions and then I realized they were from my home town area, and were good friends with my Mom. 

Their home had been listed for 179 days with another agent, and it still wasn't sold. As you can imagine this would be incredibly frustrating. We put together our game plan and Dave and Dawn got to work getting the house ready. They painted, put in new flooring and moved around furniture to help the home present itself in the best possible way. Their hard work really showed when we got the new photos and video ready, and as soon as it hit the market the showings started coming in. 

From there we were able to keep in close contact and figure out what our obstacles were. Some were things we couldn't change like the layout of the home, and others were things that we could change. It was right after we made these changes that we ended up getting two offers in one day! In the end we had the home sold in 42 days and this amazing couple gets to move on to the next chapter of their life. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work you put into your home. You spent all your free weekends ensuring that the home was showing its best. Without your positive attitude and patience we never would have reached our end goal. You were amazing to work with and I am so incredibly happy for you!