Congratulations Heather!

This is another story that has been in the making for a while. It was over a year ago that we first sat down to get started on the search, she was very open to many possibilities and at the same time knew exactly what she needed and wanted. 


Over the search it has always been somewhat slow. We look at a couple here and there, and she would visit lots of open houses as well. We went back and forth between a condo and a house for various reasons. If it was going to be a condo it was going to be in one specific complex, and for some reason over the time of our search nothing was coming up for sale. 

The first place we offered on the seller refused to move just a couple thousand dollars, and so we walked away from it. From then on, it was labeled the one that got away. We offered on another home that was like a time capsule an was absolutely adorable, only to find out there were 19 other offers.

Then suddenly this one came up. Heather actually found it on her own as it didn't meet her official criteria. She was out for a walk one evening and stumbled upon it, and a few days later we went and took a look.

It was perfect, and by far one of the best places we looked at. Offers date was coming up soon and we were prepared for the worst based on how the market had been acting. Then, suddenly we discovered that we were the only offer, and we managed to get it under list price! What an incredible win! 

Heather, you really did find the perfect place. You and your family are going to be so happy here. I thank you for having patience and not getting frustrated through the process. It is true that everything happens for a reason and I am very happy that you didn't get any of the other homes you offered on.