Congratulations Jenny and Josh


It was only a week ago that they sold their home and began searching for the new place to put down their roots. There is always a bit of panic when a home is sold, and you have an official date that you will be "homeless" 


I got wind that this house was going to be hitting the market and even though I hadn't seen the photos my spidey senses were going off telling me that this was going to be the one for them. I was heading out of town for the weekend and so my coworker took them in to see the house, its the hardest thing ever not being able to be there with your clients during these exciting moments, so from 2 hours away I was able to congratulate them when they had an accepted offer.

Yesterday we had the inspection and I got to see it for the first time, and it is just so charming, cute, and perfect for them. The inspection turned out great and they will be able to exactly what they want to the house to make it their own.

You guys are such a sweet and amazing family and I am so happy for you and your upcoming move. I hope the kiddos enjoy the book and will begin to find the move exciting as they get ready for their new home.