Congratulations Garrett and Shannon!!!!!!

This blog post has been nearly 3 years in the making, and I think we are all so incredibly happy that the day is finally here! 


It was 3 years ago when this couple started their search, at first they were looking a fair amount and we found a couple decent ones, and then things calmed down for a bit and they went into hibernation. Then they came back for a bit, we wrote 2 or 3 offers I think (none of which were accepted due to bidding wars) and then they decided to move out of their parents, get an apartment, go on a couple epic vacations, get engaged, and after all that come back to house hunting again. I can't say I blame them, I would absolutely put my house hunting on hold for the vacations that they were able to take, and they knew that home ownership would stop them from taking such vacations for a while, so best to get it done while you can! 

This spring they started looking at more homes, there were more coming onto the market, and we looked at a decent amount. None were really grabbing their attention or calling their names though. Then I got the text from them the other day that they saw this one (which was over budget) at an open house and would like to go back for another look. 

I will fully admit that I did a massive eye roll when I found out they were looking at homes out of their budget. But I figured I would humour them and take them to look at it again. Once we got into the house I realized that it was over priced, and the likelihood of a bidding war was slim. It was a rental property and wasn't showing off the best it could. The house needed a few cosmetics, but for the size, location and overall presentation of the house there was potential to get it for a great price. 

I put my eye roll away and got to work on their offer. All of us were shocked on offers date when we were the only ones, and Shannon and Garrett learned the power of silence as we wrote our offer and stood our ground and didn't waver from our price. They tried twice to counter us, and both times we said no. In the end they ended up getting exactly what they wanted and couldn't be happier.

Today we had an amazing inspection where everyone there learned a lot about home ownership (including myself and mom) They will be able to move into this home in under a month and be confident home owners! 

I am incredibly happy for you guys, everything does happen for a reason and you ended up with a fabulous home that is exactly what you were looking for. You may have broken my record for the longest home search, but I was more than happy to be with you on the journey! Enjoy your home!