Congratulations Megs and Paddy

I was thrilled when Megs and Paddy reached out to me and let me know their secret... they were moving back to Winnipeg! I hadn't seen the two of them in years (although following people on facebook feels like you haven't missed a beat) and instantly started to reminisce about our days working together at Boston Pizza. 

Meg Paddy -1.jpg

While in Toronto still Megs parents helped out and we started looking at some homes. We saw about 5 I think, and put an offer in on one which they didn't get. As their moving date was approaching they decided to line up an apartment which really excited me because I wanted to be with them looking at the homes (As amazing as parents are, its not the same) 

Once they got settled we got to work, we looked at different areas, ruled out some areas and had many maybes. We had our share of frustrations, heartbreak and excitement. If you recall an instagram story I did about lipstick, it was these guys. They had found a flip that looked amazing, but after we did a pre offer inspection we discovered that there was up to 35k worth of work that needed to be done as soon as they moved in. We decided to walk away from it and keep looking. 

Thats when this house came up. It was the complete opposite, no cosmetics done but all the important stuff was done. They can settle in here and not have to worry about anything major for years. The yard is amazing with the trees that Megs dreams of, lots of gardens, and space for the kiddo to run around. It was obvious that this home was very well cared for over the years and all they need to do is add their own touch to it to make it their own.

After loosing out on offers date before to multiple offers we had braced ourselves for the worst. To our surprise we were the only offer, I think the whole day we were all holding our breath just waiting for another offer to sneak in. 

I am so incredibly happy for you guys! You have found such an amazing home that you can live in and enjoy for many years. The only thing I ask is that maybe I get to be there on the day that you start to rip up the carpet to see what those hardwoods are like underneath? And of course I want to visit you once you are all settled in and enjoying your home. 

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