34 Leston SOLD

I first met the seller of this home off of Facebook believe it or not, she loved my marketing and so we met to discuss the sale of her home. 


The process was super quick from beginning to end. From the first time we met, got the home prepped, photos and video done, and the listing up. For the one week it was on the market there were showings nearly every day, and this seller was amazing at accommodating the requests that were sent her way. 

On the day of offers, it didn't look like we would be getting an offer, which shocked both of us. And then at 5:30 I received a text from another agent, they were curious if we had offers and wanted to sneak in at 8:00 that night for a showing. By 9:00 I had an offer in my hand and called the seller with the news. By 11:30 that night we had an accepted offer with all the signatures on it, and everyone was thrilled. 

Thank you for being an amazing client! I wish you the best of luck in your new journey!