Congratulations Ryan and Courtney


The tale of these buyers is one that was extremely fast and long at the same time. I was put in contact with Courtney and Ryan one day before I was headed off to Hawaii, I called them at 9:30 that night just after I finished packing to talk about their upcoming move. They were moving across the country and would be putting some roots down in Winnipeg. They had never been here before, but knew that they wanted to be outside of the city. 

Over the next couple of weeks they started organizing themselves, looking at homes online and getting ready for their tip to Winnipeg to buy a home. They had 2 days here and by the time they left they wanted to have a home. 

I met them at 9am on the Friday morning, and after some introductions we got in the car and hit the road and didn't return again until 6:30 that evening. During the 9.5 hour drive we visited 9 towns South of the city, and a total of 16 homes. 

I had so much fun getting to know them, and telling them little bits about Winnipeg. I have a passion for our city and all the amazing things we have to offer here, and it was awesome to see them be excited about it as well. It was fun to play tour guide for the couple of days. 

By the time we had finished looking at the last house that first day, we knew which one was "the one" and when we arrived back at my office parking lot we went straight inside to write up the offer. We did a bit of negotiating that evening, and by 9:30 the next morning we had an accepted offer, and by 1:30 that same day we were back at the house doing a home inspection. I was so happy that it all worked out and they were able to be there for the inspection. Manitoba (and especially rural Manitoba) do a few things a little differently than BC, and so it was good for them to be able to learn a little bit more. 

In only 3 weeks they will be back in Manitoba, and moving into their new home! I am so excited for you guys. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I am thankful that I was riding with such great people though our journey. We spent a lot of time very close together over those 2 days. I cant wait to welcome you back to Manitoba again and hand over the keys to your new home.