Congratulations Alex and Oxana


I met this awesome family in February of 2017 while I was working the Kiosk at the mall. They stopped by and told me they had a house to sell, they started describing it to me, and I knew exactly what house they were talking about.

We met shortly after and formulated out plan. The home was incredibly unique, and we all knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. I got as creative as I could in the marketing of the home, and we kept in close contact throughout the journey as to how things were going.

After nearly a year on the market and no offers, they decided that they had to put their other home on the market. They had built this home specifically for themselves, and it was their dream home.  They had to face the hard reality that their unique home they were living in may take much too long to sell, and they would have to part with their dream home instead.

When we met at their dream home, I honestly didn't want to have the listing contract signed. I could see how sad they both were as they walked through the home and explained every detail to me. The bump out that was built the exact right size for their current hutch, the area for the piano to sit with the extra electrical outlet for the piano light, and so many other details. 

The dream home hit them market in the fall and we had a very quiet winter with not many showings, but in the spring we got an offer! While we were all excited, there was disappointment in the air. The offer was subject to the sale of another home in the city, one that should sell very quickly.

But as time went on that offer wasn't working out. Nearly 3 months later the buyers home hadn't sold yet, and the offer was due to expire. 

Around the same time that it was due to expire, they got an offer on the home they were living in! I sat down with them on the final day where the decision was made to let the offer on their dream home die, and the offer on their current home to finalize. 

After 382 days on the market, their home was sold! And they now have just over a month to pack and move into their dream home. 


I have NEVER wished that a home wouldn't sell. There may be times that I feel bad about the circumstances surrounding a sale, but with this home I was always hoping that they would get to move into it. I couldn't be more happy for this amazing family that their dreams came true. 

Alex and Oxana, I have loved getting to know you and your family.  Your love for each other and those around you is amazing and I am so incredibly happy for you.

Congratulations on NOT selling your dream home!